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How do I apply to sell on Rise Creatives?
What can I sell?
What can't I sell?
How the process works?
Do I invoice the customer?
How are Rise Creatives fees collected and how do I get paid?
Can I specify my own Shipping terms?
How do I package my item(s)?
How do returns, cancellations and refunds work?
When do I send the item to the buyer?
International Selling
Customer Service Questions
How do I log in to the sellers area?


1. How do I apply to sell on Rise Creatives?

To sell on Rise Creatives you need to submit the following form for consideration.  If you are selected by the Rise Creatives team you will need to complete an application form which will register you on the system and create your shop and portfolio space.

2. What can I sell?

We are looking for unique, contemporary and high quality art, design and craft work. Our categories include but are not limited to art, jewellery, ceramics, glass, silverwork, fashion, bags and purses, and home interiors.

3. What can't I sell?

Adult items, food, candles, hazardous or dangerous items, cosmetics, music, craft materials and supplies.

4. How the process works?

When an order is placed at Rise Creatives, the Customer is buying goods from you, the Seller. An email order is sent to you the Seller and we also receive a copy.  We process each Customer's payment using PayPal’s secure online checkout.

5. Do I invoice the Customer?

When you receive an order, Rise Creatives will have already received payment in full from the Customer, and is holding the money on your behalf. An invoice is automatically generated for the Customer and will be listed in the Order History section of their account.

6. How are Rise Creatives fees collected and how do I get paid?

Customers have 30 days after receipt of goods to return the item(s). Payment to sellers will take place after the 30 days. Rise Creatives will email you outlining all of your sales and any fees due on those sales. Your earnings are automatically transferred to your PayPal account minus any fees that are owed to Rise Creatives. No action is needed on your behalf.

7. Can I specify my own shipping?

Yes. Four shipping zones are automatically created but they can be changed by you. You are responsible for shipping your items to your Customers, so you can choose which countries you want to ship your items to, and how much it costs. We do recommend free shipping within Ireland but we are aware this is not always feasible. There is also the facility to offer free or discounted shipping when a Customer spends over a certain amount.

It is a good idea to obtain a tracking number for each delivery, for your own records. It will help if the item goes missing on route.  It will also allow Customers to track the order. You can enter this tracking number when you mark the item as "Complete" in your Sellers admin area.

8. How do I package my item(s)?

How you wrap and package your item(s) says a lot about you and your business.

It is hugely important that your packaging is planned at every level from the basic, making sure that the item arrives safely and undamaged, to the advanced level, where the arrival of an item from your shop is a visual treat from the minute it arrives at your customer's door.

All items should be appropriately packaged to ensure that they arrive safely to the customer. There is a wealth of packaging material available for this including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, bubble wrap lined bags, polystyrene balls, fragile packing tape etc. A well thought-out, well-protected and nicely presented package that arrives on time or sooner speaks volumes.

Use your packaging as a selling tool. You could include a picture of your packaging as one of your detailed images in your shop or on your delivery and returns page. Your customer will see that you are a professional business that cares about the product and them.

Little details count and can make for a pleasant shopping experience for the customer, one which they will share with family and friends.

9. How do returns, cancellations and refunds work?

When you sign up, you provide a returns address and agree to act in accordance with our standard returns policy (please read our Returns Policy). If a Customer chooses to return a product the Return Request is sent to us. We will contact you the Seller and you must organise with the Customer the return of the product(s).

You must contact us as soon as you have received the returned item, and confirm its condition. Any refunds to the Customer are organised by Rise Creatives. If you have already been paid for the sale, we will deduct it from your next payment or invoice you directly.

If a Customer cancels an order before they have received it, we will confirm with you whether or not the item(s) have been dispatched. If not we will ask you to refrain from posting the item(s).

10. When do I send the item(s) to the buyer?

When a Customer buys a product you as the Seller and Rise Creatives will both receive the Customer order email. You can see the status of the order in your Sellers admin area.  Once the payment has been processed you will receive an email from Rise Creatives confirming that payment has been received. When you receive this confirmation email from Rise Creatives you can dispatch the item(s) directly to the buyer. (NB. please do not ship any items until you receive instructions from Rise Creatives to do so).

When the item is dispatched, you can update the order to ‘Completed’ within the admin area, add a note (if you wish) to tell the Customer that the order has been dispatched and to record the parcel tracking number. The Customer note and parcel tracking number is automatically added to the Customer order invoice in the Customer administration area. Also, an email will automatically be sent to the Customer informing them that the order has been completed.

11. International Selling

Rise Creatives is an Irish business registered in the Republic of Ireland. Each Seller must specify which countries they are happy to ship their items to and provide a price for each item to each destination. Prices are specified in Euro and only an estimate price is given in Pounds Sterling. Real-time currency-conversion is handled by PayPal. It is the Seller's responsibility to comply with tax legislation.

12. Customer Service Questions

The vast majority of Customer Service questions are handled by Rise Creatives. Customers can contact us via email, contact form, telephone or in writing. If a Customer has a product or order query we cannot answer we will put them in touch with you the Seller.

In many instances, the Customer will want to discuss pieces directly with the artists or designer-maker. We therefore recommend that you include a contact email for your Customers in the About & Contact page of your individual shop, so that they can contact you directly.

13. How do I log in to the sellers area?

You can log into your shop or portfolio area by clicking on the Sellers/Members Log in link in the footer of the site.

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